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Free Walking Tour

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Enjoy a wonderful Free Walking Tour of the Gothic Quarter and see Barcelona's

ancient streets. Discover one of the most charming medieval districts in Europe,

learn the secrets behind the city stones and explore hidden alleys in the Gothic Quarter.

The Free Tour concept has been around for quite a while but is a relatively new way to discover cities compared to the traditional tour concept, which of course has a much longer legacy. Many of today's younger travellers will likely be aware of, if not familiar with, free walking tours as they’ve become increasingly popular and ever-present in key destinations, and indeed beyond in recent years. 
All in all the free tour concept is a win-win scenario for both the traveller and local guide. Making authentic local tour experiences accessible to all regardless of budget, free tours are an exciting alternative way to discover cities, save a lot of money, and remain in control of what you spend on a city-tour while supporting passionate local guides and ventures. It's a fantastic thing and we, at, are flying the flag for the Free Tour concept. Being the first site of its kind on the planet, we make finding top-quality free tours and local guides easier than ever before. With the best Free Tours in cities across 50+ countries worldwide (with more added daily), we provide a one-stop shop with up-to-date, genuine user reviews and ratings as well as reviews powered by TripAdvisor. is the place to help you make the most of your next city trip with our informative blogs, insider hints, tips, and recommendations. So jump in, you won't regret it!
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